Monday, November 24, 2014

How Magnetism is Linked to Gravity

It is in all the text books in physics that Gravity is this anomaly from the rest of the 3 forces of Nature.  That the strong and weak force of atoms is linked through Magnetism but yet Gravity is this other odd side force.

Well, in this article I will explain a simple experiment on how you can weaken or warp gravity itself using two strong magnets.  This is verifiable proof in theory and in experience or experiment in nature.

Repel and Attract of Magnets
Magnets Repel and Attract
 The magnet on top is repelling the iron fillings away from each other.  This is simple in that like poles repel.  The magnetic flux lines are also bending and the more they are forced together and the bigger the magnet the more you will warp Gravity using those magnetic flux lines.

It is easy to see that Opposites attract and that iron fillings want to intermingle and join together along with the magnetic poles.  This creates continuity in the magnetic flux lines and makes 2 magnets into one larger magnet.  Nothing is Warped.

Bending of Magnetic Flux Lines
Bending of Magnetic Flux Lines
This is where the interesting part begins.  When you press two magnets together on their like sites ( i.e. negative to negative, positive to positive ) you see that they repel.  There is a felt force.  The closer you push the harder it is that the magnets push back.  You are bending Gravity when you do this! Yes, it is said in the text books that the Magnetic lines of flux are distorted and changed.  However, the following will prove that it also warps or effects Gravity as well.

Video on Magnets & Gravity
The video on the left has the Senior Lead Scientist explains how you can in experiment prove that Gravity is indeed linked to Magnetism.

You can research this on you-tube, as a lot of people have tried this experiment off 5 stories from a balcony.  You have to have very powerful Neodymium Magnets and a rock the same weight as the magnets to properly test any kind of effect.  The 'rock' hits ground first in only a fraction of a second.  This is PROOF in nature or experiment that gravity is effected.

This is nothing to take lightly.  The text books are intentionally modified.  Even your professor will come up with excuses like; "Oh the air resistance effected it.  Or perhaps you got your weight measurements wrong."  But. the truth of the matter.  Remember the next time you push to magnets together that you are actually warping Gravity.  It is an entertaining thought.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Scalar Waves and Water Surface Tension

Water Molecule (H20)
Water is negatively charged on the Oxygen side.
This is due to the Oxygen atom's electrons being probabilistically pointing towards the Hydrogen covalent bonds.  This directs half of it's electrical charge towards the center of the water molecule.  Leaving the Oxygen's Protons to positively charge on the opposite side.

The opposite is true for the 'other half' of the water molecule.  The positively charged Hydrogen side has it's electrons pointing towards the 'center' of the water molecule creating a negatively charged side of the molecule.  Allowing the Protons to positively charge on the opposite end of the covalent bonds.

Both phenomenon are one in the same, because the Protons in the atomic structure of the Hydrogen and Oxygen atoms are not changed.  Also note that all stable elements have the same number of Protons as Electrons. Only the electrons are directed toward the center.  Thus causing the electrical charges in respect of the shared electron covalent bonds and their protons.

The above mentioned is known as Ionic Bonds between like molecules.

2D Scalar waves
2D Scalar Waves
This maybe Surface Tension of water.  It maybe scalar in nature.  Meaning as the hydrogen atoms stay close whirling around water's Oxygen atom thereby causing motion that appears to stick loosely.

It is best described by looking at the scalar pattern of a Water Molecules color charge patterns on your left.  Note the simultaneous attraction and repulsion at the center of the Scalar Wave pattern.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Pyramids or Spheres?

Everywhere I see Pyramids. Taken from the Egyptian Pyramids.   On the back of the Dollar Bill is the 'All Seeing EYE'. Scary stuff?  No, it needs to be replaced by a Sphere.  And voting needs to be also based on this new shape.  I think is the new shape of things to come, based on the Internet trends all around us.

You can see it in your living room when you turn on your television set...

Direct Democracy

On the left is a Ball and a center clearly marked.  Center to a 360 degree Sphere.  Imagine the circumference being the People of a Nation.  And the center all pointing to a vote counter.  This is the way it should be.  However this is not how democracy Works in America.  It is not fair but it was convenient without the age of computers and the hyperbolic curves of Industry.

This is more of the shape of things in our world.  People scrambling to the top only to knock the next guy off in an endless cruel world of dog eat dog of perpetual madness.  They even refer to the BASE as the voting base... this is clearly not working anymore.  It may have in the past, but the pervasiveness of people with expanded consciousness due to the Internet's pesky tall comings that base is curving.

So, food for thought.  Now that Pyramid looks more like a Sphere. 'ALL seeing eye'.  People need to wake up and stop being so Apathetic.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Industrialization Stabilizes Population

Industrialization Stabilizes Population.  Through education, birth control and properly feed and housed.  A perfect example of non-industrialization causing an inability to halt population is Africa.  Most just send their cash and send food to starving Africans so they can multiple without having the ability to feed themselves and produce a way of life that the Industrialized World enjoys. Again. birth control, education and being fed and housed properly.

350,000,000 Americans - (minus)
77,000,000 Baby Boomer's = 273,000,000

In the year 2011 on average Baby Boomer's turned 65 years of age.

In the year 2033 they will turn 87 years of age.

Birth Rate starting 2015 to 2033
18 years from 2015 x

4,000,000 Born per Year = 72,000,000 People Born

By 2033 after Boomers pass away and adding current birth rates is the formula.
273,000,000 people + 72,000,000 extra people = 345,000,000

People in America in 2033 with be ~ 345,000,000

This means one thing, that Industrialization Stabilizes Population.  If Industrialization does not occur Population could get out of hand.  2.2 is the stable birth rate which means 2 children per family will lower Population.  0.2 is due to accidents and so forth.  A one child policy is not recommended because the men will not have a mate for each other.

Global Warming is the problem which can be fixed with Alternative Energy sources such as Water as Fuel.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Why the Number 12?

Every wonder why the number 12 is seen in so many publications and lectures?  Here are just a few where the number 12 is used.
  • 12 apostles in Christianity (Judaism and Islam have similar)
  • 12 as the amount in a dozen
  • 12 hours in a day and subsequently 12 hours in a night
  • 12 months in a year
  • 12 inches in a Foot of measurement
  • 12 is dividable by 60 making for the clock 5, 10, 15, 20, etc increments
  • 12 functions keys on computer keyboards
  • 12 keys on all standard telephones (1 through 9, 0, * and #)
  • 12 ounces in a pound
  • 12 people have walked on the moon
  • 12 is a super perfect composite number (divisible by 1,2,3,4,6,12)
As you can see there are serious considerations to be had when thinking about the number 12.  So, where did it come from?  After all we have 10 fingers and 10 toes.  You would figure that 10 would be replete in religion, time keeping and in art.

The ancient Egyptians divided up the day by 12 Horus and 12 Sets.  Horus would do battle with Set for the night.  So, why was 12 used and not 10.

The answer came to me while playing guitar.  There are 12 notes not including the octave.  So, I think that music as the deciding factor in this fascination with the number 12.  Also, there are other tunings that do not use 12 tonal notes, like the Sitar.  However, if you look at all Guitar Fret Boards, they are logarithmic and are equally spaces. (Log rhythmically of course)

Classical Guitar
So, next time you see a Guitar or think of why there are 5, 10, 15 minutes on the circular clock or why there are 12 hours in the day and 12 at night.  Where did this number really come from?

However, this is not the most incredible finding I have found.  When going to the Octave of a 12 tonal standard Guitar there is the number 13 which has to be considered.  At the same time it sounds just like the first note in the Octave yet it is not part of the 12 notes.  So, the question is, "Is the Octave an odd note out?  Or is it a yin and yang thing where mysterious fill one's head."

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Water For Fuel - Hydrogen Secrets


Tired of paying for sky high Gas prices?  This hints of a little science, but not much so please roll with it.  I'm not selling anything so hold on to your wallet, I could care less.

It has long been known that Hydrogen can be used as a Fuel Source.  Particularly in Combustion Engines and for Home Heating.  It is the most combustible gas on the Periodic Table.  However, it was limited in scope because it took large amounts of Electricity (Current/Amperes) as well as corrosive Electrolytes (like Salt) to produce the Hydrogen and Oxygen from the Water Molecules.

SERIOUS ADVANCEMENT: A new way to perform Electrolysis.

This new form of Electrolysis uses regular tap water with NO electrolytic!

But the most important 'return on investment' is that this Electrolysis does not require HARDLY ANY current (amperes)!

Now, let me repeat one more time.  Splitting the water molecule into the elements of Hydrogen and Oxygen using very little Current (Amps) with NO electrolyte is No Laughing Matter.

It would change the world economy, it will free populations from Oil and Coal, including Fraking for Natural Gas.

STANLEY MEYERS was the inventor of the Water Fuel Cell.  In the 1970's he was in the trucking business as inventor of trucking parts.  At this time the Arab-Oil-Embargo caused Oil prices to not just sky rocket but to make Gasoline unavailable.  Gas Stations piled up with endless lines of angry customers wanting nothing more than to get a tank of Gas.

So, Stan Meyers invented a new fuel source.  WATER AS FUEL. Meaning you can use rain water, tap water or even melted snow to put in your Gas Tank. Think of using water as fuel from the rainy skies.  No way to meter this free water means this is why it has been held secret from the Public, meaning YOU.

If you are confused about some of the terms like Electrolysis please show the Free PDF downloads below to everyone on your Friends List and/or your Tweeter Account.

If you wish to learn the details on how Stan Meyers did his amazing work, Google 'Stanley Meyers' (although long winded) or John Bedini's Radiant Charge Circuit. is a website dedicated on how to actually produce Hydrogen Gas in a Do-It-Yourself Kit. Below are FREE TO DOWNLOAD PDFS I have obtained for your reading pleasure.

Evidence that this is NOT fantasy or wishful thinking.

I'm not selling anything so hold on to your wallet, I could care less.