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Monday, November 17, 2014

Industrialization Stabilizes Population

Industrialization Stabilizes Population.  Through education, birth control and properly feed and housed.  A perfect example of non-industrialization causing an inability to halt population is Africa.  Most just send their cash and send food to starving Africans so they can multiple without having the ability to feed themselves and produce a way of life that the Industrialized World enjoys. Again. birth control, education and being fed and housed properly.

350,000,000 Americans - (minus)
77,000,000 Baby Boomer's = 273,000,000

In the year 2011 on average Baby Boomer's turned 65 years of age.

In the year 2033 they will turn 87 years of age.

Birth Rate starting 2015 to 2033
18 years from 2015 x

4,000,000 Born per Year = 72,000,000 People Born

By 2033 after Boomers pass away and adding current birth rates is the formula.
273,000,000 people + 72,000,000 extra people = 345,000,000

People in America in 2033 with be ~ 345,000,000

This means one thing, that Industrialization Stabilizes Population.  If Industrialization does not occur Population could get out of hand.  2.2 is the stable birth rate which means 2 children per family will lower Population.  0.2 is due to accidents and so forth.  A one child policy is not recommended because the men will not have a mate for each other.

Global Warming is the problem which can be fixed with Alternative Energy sources such as Water as Fuel.