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Monday, November 24, 2014

How Magnetism is Linked to Gravity

It is in all the text books in physics that Gravity is this anomaly from the rest of the 3 forces of Nature.  That the strong and weak force of atoms is linked through Magnetism but yet Gravity is this other odd side force.

Well, in this article I will explain a simple experiment on how you can weaken or warp gravity itself using two strong magnets.  This is verifiable proof in theory and in experience or experiment in nature.

Repel and Attract of Magnets
Magnets Repel and Attract
 The magnet on top is repelling the iron fillings away from each other.  This is simple in that like poles repel.  The magnetic flux lines are also bending and the more they are forced together and the bigger the magnet the more you will warp Gravity using those magnetic flux lines.

It is easy to see that Opposites attract and that iron fillings want to intermingle and join together along with the magnetic poles.  This creates continuity in the magnetic flux lines and makes 2 magnets into one larger magnet.  Nothing is Warped.

Bending of Magnetic Flux Lines
Bending of Magnetic Flux Lines
This is where the interesting part begins.  When you press two magnets together on their like sites ( i.e. negative to negative, positive to positive ) you see that they repel.  There is a felt force.  The closer you push the harder it is that the magnets push back.  You are bending Gravity when you do this! Yes, it is said in the text books that the Magnetic lines of flux are distorted and changed.  However, the following will prove that it also warps or effects Gravity as well.

Video on Magnets & Gravity
The video on the left has the Senior Lead Scientist explains how you can in experiment prove that Gravity is indeed linked to Magnetism.

You can research this on you-tube, as a lot of people have tried this experiment off 5 stories from a balcony.  You have to have very powerful Neodymium Magnets and a rock the same weight as the magnets to properly test any kind of effect.  The 'rock' hits ground first in only a fraction of a second.  This is PROOF in nature or experiment that gravity is effected.

This is nothing to take lightly.  The text books are intentionally modified.  Even your professor will come up with excuses like; "Oh the air resistance effected it.  Or perhaps you got your weight measurements wrong."  But. the truth of the matter.  Remember the next time you push to magnets together that you are actually warping Gravity.  It is an entertaining thought.