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Saturday, June 13, 2015

New World Order for Dummies

For Dummies
There has been much talk about how money plays a role in today's Complex and Bewildering Societies.

There have been many long view visions of how a New World Order could come about.  However, in all my studies both Pro and Con of this matter, I have concluded that they are all one sided.

NWO for Dummies
1) On one hand a New World Order of a ONE Government, ONE Currency and ONE Religion completely Centralized under some kind of A.I. or Dictator has been tried.  It failed after World War II.  So, it is clear this would not work.

2) On the other hand how about One currency per Sovereign Nation?  Religion is a tolerance issue. Governments' would facilitate each Currency for it's respective Nation.

Now, which one would you choose?  Obviously, people complain about who owns the Central Bank.  But, guess what?  Each Nation gets to own their own Central Bank, making each Government Happy!

The Central Hub like Swift NET must be Nationally Agnostic, must have transparent CPI exchange rates with NO FEEs attached.

Now, who gets paid you might ask?  Or what would be the minimum wage?  If you look at many many other nations they all have a Baseline Pension, regardless if you work or not.  If you work in a positive fashion with your societies demands, you get extra money plus the Baseline!  What if we all get fat and lazy?  People will ALWAYS be driven to create and the boring jobs would be proportioned out to the unemployable.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Pyramids or Spheres?

Everywhere I see Pyramids. Taken from the Egyptian Pyramids.   On the back of the Dollar Bill is the 'All Seeing EYE'. Scary stuff?  No, it needs to be replaced by a Sphere.  And voting needs to be also based on this new shape.  I think is the new shape of things to come, based on the Internet trends all around us.

You can see it in your living room when you turn on your television set...

Direct Democracy

On the left is a Ball and a center clearly marked.  Center to a 360 degree Sphere.  Imagine the circumference being the People of a Nation.  And the center all pointing to a vote counter.  This is the way it should be.  However this is not how democracy Works in America.  It is not fair but it was convenient without the age of computers and the hyperbolic curves of Industry.

This is more of the shape of things in our world.  People scrambling to the top only to knock the next guy off in an endless cruel world of dog eat dog of perpetual madness.  They even refer to the BASE as the voting base... this is clearly not working anymore.  It may have in the past, but the pervasiveness of people with expanded consciousness due to the Internet's pesky tall comings that base is curving.

So, food for thought.  Now that Pyramid looks more like a Sphere. 'ALL seeing eye'.  People need to wake up and stop being so Apathetic.