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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Water For Fuel - Hydrogen Secrets


Tired of paying for sky high Gas prices?  This hints of a little science, but not much so please roll with it.  I'm not selling anything so hold on to your wallet, I could care less.

It has long been known that Hydrogen can be used as a Fuel Source.  Particularly in Combustion Engines and for Home Heating.  It is the most combustible gas on the Periodic Table.  However, it was limited in scope because it took large amounts of Electricity (Current/Amperes) as well as corrosive Electrolytes (like Salt) to produce the Hydrogen and Oxygen from the Water Molecules.

SERIOUS ADVANCEMENT: A new way to perform Electrolysis.

This new form of Electrolysis uses regular tap water with NO electrolytic!

But the most important 'return on investment' is that this Electrolysis does not require HARDLY ANY current (amperes)!

Now, let me repeat one more time.  Splitting the water molecule into the elements of Hydrogen and Oxygen using very little Current (Amps) with NO electrolyte is No Laughing Matter.

It would change the world economy, it will free populations from Oil and Coal, including Fraking for Natural Gas.

STANLEY MEYERS was the inventor of the Water Fuel Cell.  In the 1970's he was in the trucking business as inventor of trucking parts.  At this time the Arab-Oil-Embargo caused Oil prices to not just sky rocket but to make Gasoline unavailable.  Gas Stations piled up with endless lines of angry customers wanting nothing more than to get a tank of Gas.

So, Stan Meyers invented a new fuel source.  WATER AS FUEL. Meaning you can use rain water, tap water or even melted snow to put in your Gas Tank. Think of using water as fuel from the rainy skies.  No way to meter this free water means this is why it has been held secret from the Public, meaning YOU.

If you are confused about some of the terms like Electrolysis please show the Free PDF downloads below to everyone on your Friends List and/or your Tweeter Account.

If you wish to learn the details on how Stan Meyers did his amazing work, Google 'Stanley Meyers' (although long winded) or John Bedini's Radiant Charge Circuit. is a website dedicated on how to actually produce Hydrogen Gas in a Do-It-Yourself Kit. Below are FREE TO DOWNLOAD PDFS I have obtained for your reading pleasure.

Evidence that this is NOT fantasy or wishful thinking.

I'm not selling anything so hold on to your wallet, I could care less.